Up Goods - 8 February 1977 (All photos T.Sedawie)

T413 on Up Goods crossing Cudgewa Ck in the Needles.

Rolling out of the Needles towards the Upper Murray Highway crossing at Berringama...

.....and again.

Through Beetoomba....

...and again.

Shunting at Shelley - GY in 3 Road.

Adding the GY to the train. Note workman's van in 2 Road Dn end and Super unloader on right.

Leaving Shelley (photo taken from Up Home Signal post).

Crossing Boggy Ck Bridge between Koetong and Darbyshire.

Passing under the upper of the two crossings of the Upper Murray Highway

About to cross under Upper Murray Highway lower crossing - note train speed allowed both photo locations to be reached (though they are quite close!)

Crossing the "High" bridge between Darbyshire and Bullioh.

Crossing the lower of the two bridges in this section - note the grade apparent in this view.

Near Old Tallangatta.

Crossing Sandy Creek bridge - note extra loading ex-Tallangatta.

Passing through Bonegilla.