Up Goods with Special Passenger Attached - 30 December 1977 (All Photos D.Langley)

The group of enthusiasts had chartered several coaches which were attached to the regular goods. Having shunted the Dn Goods, the regular Up Goods is ready to depart Cudgewa. From the Up end.

From the Down end.

Shunting at Shelley. We are fortunate in so far as David kept a detailed log of the loading as follows in his own words:

"The load of the train for your records was - T413-BP6 (ety to Melbourne)-TW266 (ety to Port Melbourne)-U646 (to Melbourne Southside)-GY16289 (to Tallangatta)-M341-M535- SLEEPER 6-SLEEPER 7-SLEEPER 5-15CA. 10=19/253t.

We attached M865 (to Dandenong)-KQ33 (to Dandenong - Cattle container MC19) behind GY16289 at Shelley and attached ELX1053 (ety Wodonga)-BP74 (Melb No 4 Shed) in front of BP6 at Tallangatta."