Up Goods - 4 February 1977 (All photos T.Sedawie)

T413 on Up Goods crosses Boggy Ck trestle between Koetong and Darbyshire.

Passes under the Upper Murray Highway, approaching the "Waterfall" trestle.

Passes back under the Upper Murray Highway at the lower crossing.

Crossing the lower of the two trestles between Darbyshire and Bullioh.

Rolling into Bullioh....

...... and out of Bullioh.

On new deviation near Old Tallangatta.

Near Old Tallangatta.

Crossing the Mitta Mitta arm of Hume Weir.

Shunting Tallangatta.
Shunting Tallangatta.
Rolling through Ebden (note extra loading ex-Tallangatta).